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Reasons Child Support Payments May Cease
When you and your partner divorce, your child should not suffer for it. He or she should get shelter, enough food, medical attention and a proper education. For this to happen both parents must contribute to the upbringing of the child by the parent who does not have custody of the child making child support payments. These payments must be made and failure to do so may lead to some serious consequences. However, there are some reasons where the child support payments may cease and your child support attorney will explain them to you. Here are some of these reasons :

The child reaches the age of majority or passes away. The law states that a child is entitled to child support as long as he or she is a minor. When your kid reaches the age of majority, you can then stop making the child support payments since he or she is now a legally independent citizen. If the child dies before this age you the payments will cease too.

The paying parent gets child custody. If the paying parent gets custody of the child, he or she will provide the child with food, shelter and many other basic necessities hence the child support payments will cease once parent is already providing for the child. The other parent will now be the one to make the child support payments.

The emancipation of the child. If the child has a means of supporting his or herself , he or she can request to be emancipated from the parents. This is a delicate matter because the child will be left exposed which can be dangerous.

Losing parental rights. When a parent loses all parental rights he or she cannot see the child or be involved in his life in any way. He will therefore not make the child support payments anymore.

The paying parent cannot afford the payments. Your child is supposed to get child support no matter what your income is or you are unemployed. When you get a child support lawyer, he or she can help convince the court for you to cease making the payments.

You will be able to deal with child support complications better if you have a good child support lawyer. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect lawyer:

Experience. When the child support lawyer has years of experience he has most likely dealt with hundreds of cases and can help you better than a lawyer with little experience.

Quality of services. The law firm you choose should offer high quality services. When you visit them, do they attend to your needs within the shortest time possible or are you made to wait for an eternity of time. You deserve the best and should receive nothing but.

Knowledge. You should ensure that the lawyer you choose has deep knowledge in family law and will help you with the child support as much as possible.

Reviews. Ensure that the law firm has several good reviews. You can finally settle on the best child support lawyer in San Diego.

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